Kofta Sandwich in Secaucus NJ

Transcending the barriers of time and space, our Kofta Sandwich at Stefanos Mediterranean Grille brings their customers an adventure of Mediterranean cuisine that they never had before. Inspired by the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean, our veteran cooks craft these Koftas Sandwiches with great zeal and zest. These Kofta sandwiches have grilled seasoned ground beef and onion between layers of freshly baked bread. Complemented by mouth-watering hummus dip, made from mashed chickpeas, these kofta sandwiches are far from ordinary. However, what truly sets our sandwiches apart are the exotic flavors they offer their customers. Be it a baked sandwich or grilled, you can customize your kofta sandwich upto your liking. Don’t miss out on this flavorful blend of flavors that our sandwich kofta in Secaucus NJ offers! Come visit us now and embrace the wonders of Middle Eastern food with us today! 

The Flavorful Fix: Bite into a Kofta Sandwich - It's Koftastic!

Stefanos Mediterranean Grille, fantastic Kofta sandwiches are offered to our esteemed customers. From purchasing quality beef sourced from trusted suppliers to seasoning it with our essentials, you will enjoy the ultimate taste. Prepared from our premium oils, spices, and herbs, each bite of our freshly made kofta sandwich will leave you wanting more. Our master chefs of Mediterranean Grille take pride in the services they offer as they are always committed to excelling in providing Mediterranean-oriented cuisine.  Whether you are seeking a casual weekday lunch with colleagues, a family outing, or simply craving a flavorful-packed adventure of Mediterranean cuisine on the go, our Kofta Sandwiches are a perfect choice. Gather your loved ones and treat yourselves to the delightful experience of kofta sandwiches at Stefanos Mediterranean Grille today! 

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